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How to Start a Blog!

If you’re someone who is wondering how to start a blog but gets intimidated with the mighty blogging and hosting platforms, you’re in luck!

My goal here is to give you a detailed and stepwise explanation on every phase of starting a blog, to set you up for success from the beginning.

You don’t have to be a techie or HTML expert to run a money-making blog! All you need to invest is 15 minutes of undivided attention in understanding these basic instructions, which will start and drive your blog in the right direction.

7 Key Steps to Start a Blog: Know How to Start a Blog with Easy Instructions

  1. WHY do you want to start a blog?
  2. WHAT you will blog about?
  3. WHICH blogging platform to choose?
  4. PICK a web host
  5. CREATE a hosting account with BlueHost
  6. INSTALL WordPress
  7. LOGIN and start blogging

STEP 1: Why do you want to start a blog?

Whether you want to become a better writer, make your voice heard to powerful politicians, or earn money, identifying the cause will lay a strong foundation for your future in the blogging world.

The most important reason behind the popularity of blogs is full-time income. You can make more than $10,000 per month, with minimum risk and investment that makes it an attractive job opportunity for people in quest of making money online.

Moreover, if you’re an author with zero digital presence, you will lower your chances of working with a big publisher. Why? The answer lies in the power of more online followers. The likelihood of selling more books increase substantially when your blog has significant number followers, which publishers unquestionably love!

If you’re someone who just loves to write and share stories, to help others in the community with their endeavors in life, starting a blog can be your ultimate platform to connect with a larger audience.

STEP 2: What you will blog about?

For example the blog you’re reading right now 99WaystoGetRich.com is a blog that focuses on teaching people how to make money online.

But when it comes to picking a topic for your own blog it can literally be based on any niche you desire from Travel to politics, religion, romance, writing or even food.

Just remember to pick a theme for your blog that you’re passionate about. Blogging can only become a long-term profession if you enjoy writing about that niche.

You can also write blogs related to services or products for promotional purpose. Remember these main things before making the final decision:

  • Pick a theme that is a blend of your passion and reason to start a blog.
  • Blog on a niche that you enjoy.
  • There should be plenty of room for discussion.

If you’re not 100% decisive on a topic yet it’s perfectly normal. Try a few & see what sticks.

STEP 3: Which blogging platform to choose?

There are over 10 popular blogging platforms too choose from i.e. Drupal, Tumblr, Blogger just to name a few.

However all your attention should be focused on WordPress & here are 3 Reasons why:

Top Blogging Platform

WordPress is Available in Two Options

Option #1 – Hosted WordPress (Free): e.g. yourblog.wordpress.com

Anyone would be tempted to try out Wordpres.com for free, but it comes with many limitations that will enslave you in the longer run.

  • No custom domain (like yourblog.com)
  • You cannot do any affiliate marketing
  • Shows ads throughout your blog
  • To add your own domain or remove the ads it’s R1,500 ($99) per year.

Option #2 – Self-Hosted WordPress (Paid): e.g. yourblog.com

If you’re serious about blogging for money, go for self-hosted blogs that will give you full access to your blog.

  • Cheaper at less than R75 per month ($50 per year) depending on host.
  • Free domain name (like yourblog.com)
  • 1-Click Worpdress Setup
  • 100% Freedom

The rest of this article focuses on setting up your very own self-hosted blog (YOURBLOG.com) in under 10 minutes 😉

STEP 4: Pick a web host

A host is your blog’s server space and allows others to find your site on the internet. Not every web host is ideal for blogging and with so many options in the hosting business the possibilities are endless.

I personally use BlueHost & up until today they have always made good on their promise of providing quality service with an easy-to-use interface.

Why I recommend BlueHost?

  • Recommend by WordPress.org as the #1 Hosting Service!
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Guaranteed server uptime of 99.9%.
  • Free SSL (https://) which usually costs $100/yr
  • From $2.75 per month ( Under R40 per month )

If you are happy with my recommendation of BlueHost you can follow the next 3 steps to get your blog up & running in under 10 Minutes.

Step 5.) Create Hosting Account with BlueHost
Step 6.) 1-Click WordPress Installation
Step 7.) Login & Start Blogging

STEP 5: Create Hosting Account with BlueHost

Let’s get you familiar with Bluehost! Click here to go to Bluehost (open this window to reference the bellow listed instructions).

  • Click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button to initiate the process.

Get Started Blogging with BlueHost

The images in this screenshot may vary on the real-time Bluehost website, as they constantly improve and restructure their site for a better user experience!

  • Choose your plan that you’d prefer for your blog. The ‘plus’ plan is the most popular one, as it offers unlimited features and also comes with one free domain (reducing the original cost of blog setup). Click on ‘Select’ to choose your preferred plan.

Choose Your Plan

  • Select a domain name that will be your web address. You can also add any existing domain that you might already have, or pick a new one!

Select a Domain

  • Enter your account information on the next page. This will require your working email address, first name, last name, and other data.

Enter Your Account Information

  • Select an account plan and choose the package that will allow you to book the hosting services for up to 36 months. You can also go for reasonable monthly payment option or yearly.

Select Your Plan

  • Skip order add-ons like search engine jumpstart and SiteLock security. But, domain privacy protection is recommended, to keep your personal information private and won’t make it visible to anyone who looks up your domain.

Domain privacy option is only available for new domains booked with Bluehost and not on transfer domain.

  • Enter your billing information and click ‘submit,’ to complete the hosting purchase process.

Enter Your Billing Information

  • You will find a login button on the top right corner of your screen and keep your information saved for future use.

Login To Your Hosting Account

Log into your bluehost cpanel from the login details you will receive on your registered email.

Enter Your Login Details

STEP 6: Install WordPress

Once you have successfully logged into your Bluehost cpanel, you will see ‘Install WordPress’ under Website Builders.

Install WordPress

Follow the below-listed steps to complete the installation:

  • Once you have initiated the installation of WordPress, you will see a window that displaying an ‘install’ button.

Click to install wordpress

  • Choose your domain from the dropdown menu on the next window and leave the directory blank, unless you want to create a subfolder for your website.

Select Your Domain

  • On the next window, click on ‘show advanced options’ and enter your site information like title and choose admin email address and password (this will be used directly to login to the backend of your website using WordPress). Click ‘Install Now’ to complete the installation.

Pick Your WP Login Information

STEP 7: Login and start blogging

Type the following URL into your web browser (https://yourblog.com/wp-admin) and replace “yourblog.com” with your blog domain. Login with the username/email address and password (from step 6) and you will see a dashboard, which means you have reached the backend of your website.

This is a screenshot of the 99WayToGetRich WordPress Dashboard:

Wordpress Dashboard

On the left, you will see your dashboard and menus where you can publish a new post on your blog. Simply click on ‘Posts’ and then ‘Add New’ from the sub-menus pop-up.

You will be redirected to a second tab, where you can write your post and click on ‘Publish’ to make it live for your readers.

You will also see some amazing plug-ins and other customization options in your WordPress backend, which will allow you to customize your website with more attractive and useful features.

Woohoo! Under 15 minutes, you’re now the owner of a brand new website to fuel your dream engines.

Feel free to share this free ‘How to Start a Blog’ guide!

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